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Home educating in PA 101

Welcome to "Home Educating in PA 101"!

This page is for those who want the simplest explanation possible of the legal requirements to home educate in Pennsylvania.

To begin home educating:
1. Submit a notarized affidavit packet addressed to the superintendent of the school district of residence. The "affidavit packet" consists of:
a. a notarized affidavit
b. a list of objectives for each of the subjects required by law (PHEN recommends only 1 or 2 "open-ended" objectives per subject.)
c. a medical exemption form; or the required medical information; or a simple statement that specific medical information is confidential and that the child's medical records are "on file".
2. It is strongly suggested that one mail the "affidavit packet" to the school district superintendent by certified mail, return receipt requested.
3. Retain a copy of all affidavit materials for your own files.
During the legally defined (180 days or 900 hours for elementary/990 hours for secondary) year:
1. Maintain a log of the reading materials used by the child.
2. Retain some samples of work done by the child.
3. If the child has been identified as being in 3rd, 5th or 8th grades,
a. arrange for an assessment in Reading/Language Arts and Math, choosing an assessment tool from the list of "state approved" tests.
b. the parent or guardian may privately purchase the test. Anyone other than the parent or guardian may administer the test.
c. The results of this assessment must be included in the portfolio that is required to be submitted to the school district superintendent by June 30.
At the end of the legally defined year (180 days or 900 hours for elementary/ 990 hours for secondary) or by June 30, at the latest:
1. Have the student evaluated.
2. Submit portfolio, evaluation letter, and test scores (if required) to the superintendent of the school district of residence.

If you have any questions please talk to one of the contact people for more information.

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